Mt.Ichibata Cottage

  • In the site of Ichibata Yakushi Temple,
    the western style lodge is nestled.
  • The magnificent views of the nature from the lodge change beautifully with season’s transition.
  • Spend tranquil moments in the quiet and relaxing environment surrounded by trees.
  • Sea of clouds and sunrise - enjoy the breathtaking views in each season.
  • Fresh smell of wood
    Pillars made from reclaimed wood from the temple,
    Natural wooden walls keep the room air fresh and healthy.
  • Spring – flowers are in blossom.
    Ancient temple of faith in Yakushi and Zen
    One minute walk to the main building of the temple.
  • Upon your request, we can offer locally grown seasonal vegetables and meat for you to cook.
  • Healing forest
    Nature walk
    Feel refreshed in the temple site.
  • Relax on the wooden deck on fine days.
  • Autumn - leaves change colors.
    With season’s transition, discover importance of the life.
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Mt. Ichibata Cottage is nestled deep in the mountains in the grounds of Ichibata Yakushi Temple in Shimane Prefecture.
Known as a sanctuary of healing and place of worship for over 1000 years,
the temple stands in the midst of some magnificent scenery looking down on
the vastness of Lake Shinji and across to the distant mountains beyond.


With double-glazing and insulation, these modern style cottages are both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The entrance and bathroom are completely accessible by wheelchair users.


Each cottage is equipped with electromagnetic cooking appliances, cooking utensils, crockery and so on. You can bring your own food/ingredients and prepare them in the cottage.